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Integrity: Compliance with laws, regulations and rules, and compliance with employee code of conduct, to establish a good image and goodwill for the company. Honest and trustworthy, consistent in words and deeds, face up to success and failure, do not shirk responsibility, and win the respect and trust of customers and colleagues with practical actions. Adhere to professional ethics, be loyal to the company, keep trade secrets, and safeguard the company's interests. The information and materials at work are not concealed and not falsely reported.
Cooperation: Focus on the goals and overall interests, and work together with the company's internal and external personnel to achieve the company's goals. Based on the development of the company, we will implement the idea of ​​borderless management, actively identify problems and solve problems through various channels. Active communication, open the way, listen carefully to others' opinions, and improve them at work.
Be good at learning: Keep an open attitude, earnestly and learn from others' experiences and strengths. Objectively evaluate yourself, continuously improve your ability, continuously improve your work, and strive for higher performance. Broaden your horizons, focus on the world, focus on leading companies, and actively apply all valuable experiences and practices to practice.
Seriously: Treating work with a high degree of professionalism, strong sense of professionalism and a consistent professional attitude, accomplishing tasks with high quality and efficiency. Struggling hard, down-to-earth, advancing with difficulty, perseverance, never give up without reaching the goal. Focus on order and quality, be brave to reveal problems, propose improvements and promote solutions.
Innovation: Do not follow the old rules, break through the conventional thinking, introduce and even create new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies, new businesses, dare to change, and dare to open up. Be good at actively seeking opportunities in various environments and conditions, grasping opportunities and seeking development. Advance with the times, introduce new ideas, and practice boldly to create greater value for customers and businesses.
Pursuit of excellence: adhere to the concept of pursuing high performance goals, and continuously improve the work. If you do not do it, you will succeed. Understand and agree with the company's strategy, set challenging goals that are consistent with the company's development direction, and make unremitting efforts. Confidence and courage to surpass yourself, break through the bottleneck of “impossible” and “nowhere”, constantly seek development, and strive for the first and strong.

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