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Plate friction damper

Viscous damper

Buckling restrained energy dissipation brace (BRB)

Tuned mass damper

Cylindrical friction damper

Bending type mild steel damper

Thermal power plant

Nuclear power plant

Solar power plant

Industrial and petrochemical industry

LNG facilities

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High tech enterprises

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Comprehensive Mechanics Experiment Center

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Jiangsu Nuclear Power Plant Large Hydraulic Damper Manufacturing and Testing Engineering Center

Quality management system certification

Environmental Management System Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Performance evaluation of equipment suppliers

Qualified supplier

Supplier performance evaluation


Pipeline hydraulic damper

Ethylene project damper



China Huanqiu Contracting&Engineering Corporation

Huaqi Ansai Liquefaction Tiananqi Project


Pipeline hydraulic dampers

Hydraulic dampers

Hydraulic dampers

Steam Generator


Shanghai Huanqiu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd

HUPEC 50,000 ton Surfactant Project



Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd

Shenhua Ningmei Project



Hydraulic damper and simulator for steam generator and main pump of K-2/K-3 project


Nuclear power plant damper test bench


Research and development project of special support and hanger warehouse for high-temperature sodium pipeline

Member of China Nuclear Energy Association

Weapons and equipment quality management system certification

Zhou Fulin Academician Workstation

Changzhou Military-Civilian Integration Association

Fast Reactor Industrialisation Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance Certificate

Member of China Nuclear Energy Association

Li Tao, Chairman of the Board

Small Giant Enterprise

Manufacturing Single Champion

Certificate of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award 2017

GL-50J-II special test bench for hydraulic dampers, large nuclear grade hydraulic dampers certificate

Development of the first large hydraulic damper for nuclear power with a rated load of 5000KN in China -Shanghai Science and Technology Award Certificate

Development of large hydraulic dampers for nuclear power plants - Third Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology "Specialized, Specialized and New SMEs" December 2022

Jiangsu Province Large Hydraulic Dampers for Nuclear Power Plants Manufacturing and Testing Engineering Centre

Private Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province October 2021

Jiangsu Province Specialized and New SME Certificate

Hydraulic damper test technology and test equipment-Third Prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award 2017

Hydraulic damper test technology and test equipment - Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award, Third Prize

Engineering Technology Research Center (Jiangsu Province Nuclear Large Hydraulic Damper (for Nuclear Power Plant))

Engineering Research Centre for Non-standard Tools and Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants

GL-50J-Ⅱ Special test bench for hydraulic dampers

Engineering Technology Research Centre for Nuclear Power Plants

National Assembly Building Industry Base

A method of setting a benchmark for testing U-bar type release parts and a device for achieving it

A benchmark setting method for testing flattened anti-throwout parts and a device to achieve it

A hydraulic damper with stiffness adjustment

A hydraulic damper with stiffness adjustment

A hydraulic damper with stiffness adjustment

A test method and equipment for large hydraulic dampers

A large hydraulic damper

Double overflow load limiting dual stage hydraulic damper

Double overflow load limiting dual stage hydraulic damper

Hydraulic damper power characteristic system

Software for parameterisation of dampers

Hydraulic damper hydraulic change state software

Damper Tester Measurement and Control Software

Online inspection data visualisation system for damp

Damper damping control analysis software

Integrated test system for hydraulic dampers

Keywords: pipe supports and hangers, hydraulic dampers, in-service inspection and maintenance, equipment vibration control, isolation, energy dissipation and shock absorption, electromechanical earthquake resistance