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In the normal shutdown of the reactor, normal operation and 100% load rejection, the damper allows the steam generator to move slowly due to temperature changes, and its resistance is small; but in the event of earthquakes and pipe ruptures, damping The device should be immediately latched into a rigid support to limit the displacement of the steam generator.
The large hydraulic damper consists of three parts: the main body, the connecting lugs (or pin heads) at both ends, and the auxiliary cylinder. The body part of the hydraulic damper is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a piston, a piston rod assembly and a front and rear valve assembly; the piston end connecting pin head adopts a fork-shaped pin head, and the tail end is integrally combined with the cylinder body to eliminate the installation space; The head portion also includes a joint bearing to accommodate a degree of deflection of the supported device due to thermal displacement.
The damper is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME NF specifications, with a warranty rating of QSA1.

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