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  • 2018-07-17 | Viscous liquid damper use and characteristics

    The viscous liquid damper is a stiffness-free, speed-dependent energy consuming device. The damper manufacturer reminds you that it uses the viscosity of the liquid to provide damping to dissipate the vibrational energy. The first type: a d
  • 2018-07-17 | Damper use background

    As the earth continues to move and change, it gradually accumulates enormous energy. In some fragile areas of the earths crust, the rock layer suddenly ruptures or causes the original fault to be displaced. This is an earthquake. Earthquake
  • 2018-07-17 | Basic data of seismic isolation bearing and damper products

    The damper manufacturer prompts you to basic data of the isolation bearing and damper products. The building isolation rubber bearing is a seismic isolation building component product developed according to the current national industry-rel
  • 2018-07-17 | Damper - wind damper

    The wind damper is a kind of equipment for high-rise buildings to cope with earthquakes and absorb shock waves. A large iron ball with a weight of several hundred tons hoisted in the upper part of the building body passes through the spring
  • 2018-07-17 | Damper application principle and characteristics

    First, the principle and characteristics of mass tuned damper (TMD) When the structure vibrates under the intense external action, the TMD subsystem vibrates together, and the inertial force of the TMD relative motion attack reacts to the s
  • 2018-07-17 | Damper, carcinogen in the car! Are you sure?

    No. 70 asphalt is primarily used for paving. In 1976, it was listed as a primary carcinogen by the World Health Organization World Cancer Organization. Damping sheets are components used to reduce sensation in the car and improve the comfor
  • 2018-07-17 | Current controller for magnetorheological damper

    Abstract: Magnetorheological dampers have been successfully used in the semi-active suspension system of cars and the vibration control of large civil structures. Since current manipulators play an important role in conditioning magnetic fi
  • 2018-07-17 | Structure of the flow damper

    Flow damper - structure The pulsation damper is widely used in the piping system of the metering pump (dosing pump), and can be roughly divided into three types: air chamber type pulsation damper, diaphragm type pulsation damper and airbag
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