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Viscous liquid damper use and characteristics
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The viscous liquid damper is a stiffness-free, speed-dependent energy consuming device. The damper manufacturer reminds you that it uses the viscosity of the liquid to provide damping to dissipate the vibrational energy.
The first type: a damper that produces a certain flow rate of liquid in a closed container for energy dissipation. In this type of damper, the piston forces the viscous liquid through the orifice for a short period of time, which creates a large pressure. In addition, the internal process design requirements of such dampers are high.
The second category: viscous liquids generate a certain displacement in an open container for energy dampers. Such dampers require the viscous liquid to be as thick as possible for maximum damping. Therefore, the choice of viscous liquid materials in design is a key issue. A commonly used form of such viscous dampers is a viscous damping wall.
Does not provide additional stiffness of the structure, does not change the natural vibration period of the structure;
Additional vibration is provided at any time;
The damper can be used repeatedly and the damper for sampling at the construction site can continue to be used;
Affected by a certain temperature.

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