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Damper use background
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As the earth continues to move and change, it gradually accumulates enormous energy. In some fragile areas of the earth's crust, the rock layer suddenly ruptures or causes the original fault to be displaced. This is an earthquake. Earthquakes are divided into tectonic earthquakes, volcanic earthquakes, subsided earthquakes and induced earthquakes. Most of the earthquakes occur in the earth's crust.
China's geographical location is located between the two major seismic belts of the world—the Pacific Rim seismic zone and the Eurasian seismic zone. It is squeezed by the Pacific plate, the Indian plate and the Philippine sea plate. The seismic fault zone is very active. Since the 20th century, there have been nearly 800 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or above, all of which are located in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government except Guizhou and Zhejiang provinces and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The earthquake activity is high, the intensity is high, the source is shallow, and the distribution is wide. It is a country with severe earthquake disasters. Since the record in 1900, the number of people who died in the earthquake in China reached 550,000, accounting for 53% of the global earthquake deaths; the earthquake-affected area reached more than 300,000 square kilometers, and the number of houses collapsed to 7 million. Earthquakes and other natural disasters constitute one of China's basic national conditions.
Since the longitudinal wave propagates faster than the transverse wave in the Earth, the longitudinal wave always reaches the surface first in the earthquake, and the transverse wave is one step behind. However, the transverse wave is the main cause of building damage during the earthquake. In the event of an earthquake, people felt up and down and felt a strong horizontal sway after a few seconds.
According to the characteristics of the earthquake, we can develop a longitudinal wave sensor and install an induction air cushion like a car airbag on the foundation of the building. Once the earthquake comes, the longitudinal wave sensor starts, and the air cushion expands before the shear wave energy causes damage to the building. Energy from the longitudinal waves is dissipated. At the same time, by inputting the maximum energy of the fortified horizontal wave, the horizontal displacement of the building is calculated, and the spring light rail is installed on the foundation support to ensure the maximum displacement of the building level, offsetting the damage from the transverse wave horizontal shear to the building and making the building The object returns to its original position (having a similar "tumbler" nature).

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