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Basic data of seismic isolation bearing and damper products
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The damper manufacturer prompts you to basic data of the isolation bearing and damper products.
The building isolation rubber bearing is a seismic isolation building component product developed according to the current national industry-related standards. The building isolation rubber bearing is divided into a lead rubber bearing and a natural rubber bearing.
The lead rubber bearing (LRB) is formed by laminating a lead core rod, a rubber layer, a steel plate or the like. The lead core rod increases the damping of the support and absorbs energy; the steel plate increases the vertical stiffness of the support so that it can effectively support the structure of the building; the rubber layer gives the support a high elastic deformation and reset and load bearing function.
Therefore, the lead rubber bearing has high bearing capacity, large damping capacity, large horizontal displacement capability and reset function, and is a seismic isolation device integrating support and energy consumption.
The building lead-free core-isolated rubber bearing (LNR) has a small damping coefficient, and generally only uses its small horizontal stiffness to extend the period of the structure and avoid damage to the building caused by seismic forces. The building isolation rubber bearing is the most widely used and most mature isolation device in the world.

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