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Damper - wind damper
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The wind damper is a kind of equipment for high-rise buildings to cope with earthquakes and absorb shock waves. A large iron ball with a weight of several hundred tons hoisted in the upper part of the building body passes through the spring through the transmission equipment, and the hydraulic equipment absorbs the vibration of the building body and reaches the purpose of earthquake resistance. .
The first equipment wind damper in China is the 101 building in Taipei. The 101 building in Taipei is a huge steel ball weighing 680 metric tons on the 88-92 floor, using swing to slow down the building.
The world's financial center in Shanghai is also equipped with two wind dampers on the 90th floor for swaying buildings due to strong winds!
Once the building is shaken by the strong wind, it can be transmitted to the wind damper through the sensor. At this time, the driving device of the wind damper controls the action of the weight and reduces the shaking of the building. By introducing a wind damper, the acceleration (gravity) that can be applied to the building during strong winds is reduced by 40%. Others, wind dampers can also reduce the impact of strong earthquakes on buildings, especially on the top of buildings.
Generally speaking, under normal wind pressure conditions, the height from the ground is 10 meters, such as the wind speed of 5 meters / sec, then at a height of 90 meters, the wind speed can reach 15 meters / sec. If it is as high as 300-400 meters, the wind will be more robust, that is, when the wind speed reaches 30 meters / second or more, the skyscraper will shake. To put it simply, the average skyscraper will be shaken in the wind. This device will alleviate the shaking of the skyscraper.
There are many ways to reduce the impact of wind on super-tall buildings, such as the ability to disturb the wind by altering the shape of the building. The new technology development is to set up a device called “wind damper” in super high-rise buildings, which can effectively reduce the shaking of super-high-rise buildings by strong winds. The essence of a wind damper is a damping system or energy absorbing device.

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