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Damper, carcinogen in the car! Are you sure?
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No. 70 asphalt is primarily used for paving. In 1976, it was listed as a primary carcinogen by the World Health Organization World Cancer Organization.
  Damping sheets are components used to reduce sensation in the car and improve the comfort of the car. The primary distribution is: the floor below the seat, the access floor, the wheel cover, and the spare tire slot.
Asphalt dampers are widely used in various hot-selling models. Each car has about 8-12 uses of damping pads, with a total area of more than 3 square meters. Assuming that all of the asphalt damping gaskets are used, the asphalt can be used up to 10 kg.
Therefore, many car owners think that this is a health risk. After the micro-blog and other network channels, we feel that the risk is severe. In fact, the asphalt damping sheet has a production standard. According to the requirements of the production standard, the formaldehyde content must be less than 10 mg/kg, and the volatile content must be less than 1.5%. These substances will release carcinogens at temperatures up to 160 degrees, so they can be centered.

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