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Structure of the flow damper
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Flow damper - structure
The pulsation damper is widely used in the piping system of the metering pump (dosing pump), and can be roughly divided into three types: air chamber type pulsation damper, diaphragm type pulsation damper and airbag type pulsation damper. It differs due to its own structural characteristics and buffering effects.
1. Air pulsation damper
The air pulsation damper is the same as adding a Coke canister with a pressure gauge on the pipeline. The liquid acts as a buffer by directly tightening the air inside, but its biggest disadvantage is that the air in the damper will gradually dissolve. Into the medium, and then resulting in less and less compact air volume, the role of buffering is getting smaller and smaller, the damper needs to be removed from the equipment and then connected to the atmosphere to ensure the volume of air inside, Therefore, it is a little troublesome to protect during the application process, but its cost is relatively low, so it is suitable for some systems that do not require too much buffering. Air pulsation dampers are sized by multiplying the number of volumes per stroke (in milliliters) by 26 to obtain the minimum volume that reduces the pulse by 90%.
2, diaphragm type pulse damper
The diaphragm type pulsation damper is divided into upper and lower shells, and the diaphragm is separated by a layer of fluoroplastic raw material in the center. The buffering effect is much better than that of the air chamber type. The biggest advantage is that the pre-filled gas and the liquid in the pipeline are separated. The protection of the diaphragm type pulsation damper made by our company is 1.0MPa, the maximum withstand voltage of the stainless steel material is 2.5MPa, and the diaphragm type damper is selected every stroke. The number of volumes (in milliliters) multiplied by 10 gives the minimum volume that can reduce the pulse by 90%.
3, airbag type pulse damper
The biggest advantage of the airbag type pulsation damper is that it can withstand higher pressure (the maximum pressure resistance of the airbag type pulsation damper produced by our company is 31.5 MPa). The structure is to add a balloon to the air tank, and the airbag is filled with a certain pressure. The gas, in the pipeline, the liquid in the pipeline tightens the airbag, the airbag is shortened, then expands, and then acts as a buffer. However, the airbag type pulsation damper generally has a high cost, and the special material airbag has a relatively long production cycle. The selection method is to multiply the volume of each stroke (in milliliters) by 10 to obtain the minimum volume that can reduce the pulse by 90%.

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