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Figure 23 2D view of the shock absorber assembly

Figure 24 shock absorption component product map
2) Overview of shock absorption components
The damping alloy is a metal material that is large in damping and can rapidly attenuate vibration. Such alloys have the strength that structural materials should have, and they are used in military engineering and civil engineering to have a broad development prospect by using them to manufacture special vibration-damping components.
Nuclear power plants generate a lot of vibration and noise during operation, a large part of which comes from rotating equipment such as fans, pumps, motors, air conditioning units, etc. The vibration and noise generated by them often cause damage to the foundation and other equipment, and isolate or weaken these vibrations. It is of great significance to improve the operational safety and environmental friendliness of nuclear power plants. At present, most of the wind turbines, pumps, air conditioning units and other equipment used in nuclear power plants use spring isolators for vibration isolation. Since the springs are flexible and low-damping, they can isolate certain vibrations, but their strength is not large. When nuclear power plants encounter earthquakes and other accidents. It is easy to damage and affects the structure of the equipment, thus posing a safety hazard to the safe operation of the nuclear power plant.
Our company researched high manganese-based damping alloy materials for the problem of vibration and noise during the operation of nuclear power plants, and developed a high-manganese damping material spring shock absorbing component. The relevant trials are currently underway.

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