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Figure 20 is a two-dimensional diagram of the horizontal device

Figure 21 Product diagram of leveling device
2) Overview of leveling device
     Structure and principle of leveling device: The leveling device is used in conjunction with the tensioning machine crane. The three belts are respectively connected with the upper rods of the upper three sets of the leveling device, and the piston rod is connected to the lower end of the flowering screw sleeve. The lower end of the horizontal device is connected to the stretching machine through a pin. The leveling device is mainly composed of a hydraulic cylinder block, a piston rod, a return spring, a spring support sleeve, a cylinder connecting cylinder, a boom, a brocade screw sleeve, a hydraulic solenoid valve, a sealing assembly, a valve seat, a hydraulic oil and an accessory. One end of the broccoli thread is left-handed and one end is right-handed. Before lifting the machine, the length of the three slings can be coarsely adjusted by adjusting the brocade thread sleeve of each horizontal device. When the stretching machine is hoisted, the relative position of the cylinder and the piston of each leveling device is adjusted by the opening and closing of the electromagnetic valve to achieve the horizontal adjustment of the stretching machine.
Our company manufactures 20T horizontal devices and is currently developing 30T leveling devices. There are more mature technologies in the aspect of leveling devices.
3) Technical parameters
l Environmental conditions
Storage: 15 ° C ~ 45 ° C; lifting: -19 ° C ~ 40 ° C;
Air pressure: 0.096~0.106MPa (absolute pressure);
Relative humidity:
Outdoor relative humidity: 70% in summer, 90% in winter, 100% in limit; indoor relative humidity: 100% in containment, 60% storage
l Main technical parameters
— maximum load capacity of the horizontal device: 20T;
— Maximum stroke of the piston rod: 80mm;
— The maximum outer diameter of the cylinder: 150mm;
- During the process, it is required that there should be no external leakage except for the piston rod. During the load-bearing process, there must be no external leakage; the internal leakage should not exceed 0.3mL/min (the measurement of internal leakage is converted according to the actual situation) Adjust the moving distance of the piston of the horizontal device, and the specific conversion shall be given the calculation certificate after passing the examination and approval by Party A);
— Long-term: Under the design load, the total stroke is 1000 times (one time after a single drop of 0.5mm in the whole stroke and then suspended for 1s and then decreased). After the durability test, the internal leakage is less than or equal to 0.6ml/min, and the parts should not be abnormally worn and Other forms of damage;
— The adjustment accuracy of the next point drop is ≤0.5mm;
- The design life of the main components of the leveling device is 40 years, except for replaceable parts such as rubber parts and seals;

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