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Figure 13 GB, ITT constant force spring support hanger


(a)                                                                                                                                                                                                           (b)


Figure 14 3D illustration of constant force spring support hanger

Figure 15 Hengli spring support hanger product map
2) Overview of constant force spring support hanger
Working principle: The constant force spring support hanger is designed according to the principle of torque balance. Under the permissible load displacement, the load torque and the spring torque are always balanced. The output force of the product is always balanced when the spring torque is balanced by a specific linkage mechanism. Constant force.
Performance characteristics: The force spring support hanger belongs to the load-bearing hanger and hanger. It bears the pipeline load and the constant lifting output force is constant within the allowable displacement range, so it will not bring additional stress to the pipeline or equipment.
Main application: Hengheng force spring support hanger is generally used in places where the vertical displacement of the pipeline is large or the transfer load needs to be limited, such as: power station boiler body, power plant steam, water, smoke, wind, powder pipe, burner, etc. Suspension, petrochemical, smelting and other industries need such support.
Our company mainly produces ITT and GB constant force spring support hangers. And there are more mature technologies in this regard.
1) Technical parameters
Technical parameters and selection of constant force spring support hangers (see sample of hangers and hangers for details)

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