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Figure 16 Two-dimensional structure diagram of the variable force spring support hanger

Figure 17 3D illustration of the prototype of the variable force spring hanger         Figure 18 Product diagram of the variable spring support hanger

2) Variable force spring support hanger overview
Working principle: The variable force spring support hanger is directly used to bear the pipeline load. The output force of the bomb is proportional to the amount of deformation of the spring itself.
Performance characteristics: Variable force spring refers to the hanger and hanger. It is a load-bearing hanger. When vertical displacement occurs in the pipeline or equipment, it can adapt to the load transfer of the pipeline or equipment during thermal displacement, and can also absorb part of the vibration, but the variable force spring branch The hanger creates additional force on the pipe or equipment.
Main application: Mainly used in places where the vertical displacement of pipelines or boiler equipment is not too large.
Our company mainly produces T, TH type and VS (TD) type variable force spring support hangers. And there are more mature technologies in this regard.
3) Technical parameters
Technical parameters and selection of variable force spring support and hanger (see sample of hanger and hanger for details)

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