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Figure 19 Partial tube and connection 2D

Figure 20 3D illustration of pipe clamps and connectors

Figure 21 Part of the pipe clamp and connector product map
2) Overview of pipe and connector
There are many kinds of pipe structures, which are often used in pipe hangers, brackets, limit, guiding, fixing, and controlling pipe vibration. Some pipe parts are detachable after the pipe installation is completed (except for the block). Integral pipe parts; some pipe parts are welded on the pipe and are not removable, called integral pipe parts; some pipe parts can transmit the dynamic load of the pipe to the dynamic load function, called the dynamic load pipe part. The structural type of the pipe part should be determined according to the different functions undertaken by the pipe department and cannot be chosen at will. The connector generally selects the corresponding thread size based on the structural load.
The company has pipe fittings and connecting parts commonly used in pipe hangers: drop-shaped pipe clamps, three-hole pipe clamps, long pipe clamps, C-shaped pipe clamps, short pipe clamps, welded welding plates, welded pipe sockets, clamped pipes Seat, pipe clamp cross arm, welded cross arm, non-insulated welded pipe socket, clip-type sliding bearing, clip-type guide bearing, welding sliding bearing, welding guide bearing, pipe clamp, pipe cross arm, clamp type fixing Support, welded fixed support, riser pipe clamp, riser welded crane (support) seat, radial limit pipe clamp, axial limit pipe clamp, radial limit pipe plate, axial limit pipe plate , riser axial limit pipe clamp, single radial limit bearing, double radial limit bearing, axial limiting plate, normal force bearing seat, tangential force bearing seat, adjustable tension strut, Threaded rods, garland screws, connecting nuts, ring nuts, U-nuts, nuts, ball cone washers, washers, single-ear welded plates, double-ear welded plates, etc., and have mature technology in this respect.
3) Technical parameters
Technical parameters and selection of pipe parts and connecting parts (see sample of hangers and hangers for details)

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