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Large hydraulic damper test bench


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Figure 10 Schematic diagram of the building damper

Figure 11 3D illustration of building damper


Figure 12 Building damper product map
2) Overview of building dampers
Vibration control is the most effective method for building structures to resist seismic loads and wind loads. Among them, the damper device in passive control has good vibration damping effect and low cost, and is favored in the earthquake resistance of building structures.
Building damper features:
Ø High energy consumption, can effectively absorb earthquake and vibration energy;
Ø Can provide greater damping force and improve the seismic (vibration) capability of the structure;
Ø Small size, simple structure and easy installation;
Ø Damping coefficient and index can be freely changed according to customer requirements, and the selection range is large;
Ø Long service life, generally up to 20~50 years;
Ø Prevent rare earthquakes or strong winds; reduce the vibration of the second system such as auxiliary structures, equipment and instrument tables.

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