What does earthquake engineering include?

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Seismic hazard analysis and seismic zoning: earthquake hazard prediction, seismic regional intensity division, seismic hazard analysis, urban seismic planning, rescue and relief measures, post earthquake recovery and reconstruction, etc. 2. Seismic technology of building structures: ensure the seismic safety of various industrial and civil buildings, lifeline engineering (water supply, power supply, gas, heating, communication, radio and television, roads, bridges, railways, airports, ports, grain warehouses, emergency hospitals, etc.) related engineering structures, various important buildings or important engineering structures, including the transformation or improvement of old buildings with insufficient seismic resistance, It also includes the seismic design and construction of new building structures.

Keywords: pipe supports and hangers, hydraulic dampers, in-service inspection and maintenance, equipment vibration control, isolation, energy dissipation and shock absorption, electromechanical earthquake resistance